Prescott Hall Celebration Focuses on GCU’s Blessings

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By Doug Carroll
Communications Staff

GCU celebrated the opening of its second dormitory in as many years on Wednesday morning with a ceremonial topping-off of Prescott Hall, east of the Student Union.

The dorm will be the University’s third, joining Hegel Hall and Canyon Hall. The latter opened last August to help accommodate record campus enrollment of nearly 3,000 students. The fall semester could see as many as 4,500.

RD James Rogers directs next year’s resident advisors on some Prescott Hall interiors.

“I was thinking this morning about how it has become routine on our campus to have these celebrations,” student-body president Anthony Mann said to those gathered on the west side of Prescott Hall.

“Then I realized this isn’t happening anywhere else. No one else is being blessed like this. This building won’t serve as just a residence hall. Lives will be affected. People will come to experience the love of Christ by living in this dorm.”

The five-story Prescott Hall is scheduled to be ready in mid-July and was built in less than eight months by Pono Construction. Pono also built Canyon Hall and the College of Education classroom building, which opened in January. Work on a fourth residence hall, a companion to Prescott, will begin in October.

“This has been a tremendous school year, successful in so many ways,” said Brian Mueller, GCU’s chief executive officer. “Much of it has to do with the responsibility our student leaders took on. They will have a lot to do with making this building great.”

Mueller said recent enhancements to the west Phoenix campus, which will include this fall’s opening of the 5,000-seat GCU Arena — have helped propel the University into the public consciousness as an affordable option in higher education.

“This will be one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country,” Mueller predicted. “We’ve set the stage for an environment that will be unsurpassed.”

Here are some of the numbers for Prescott Hall, which includes:

  • 268 exhaust fans
  • 2 acres’ worth of waterproofing paper
  • 5.4 acres of plywood
  • 13.8 acres of drywall
  • 23 football fields’ worth of flooring
  • 4,000 gallons of paint
  • 190 tons of sand in its stucco
  • 9.82 million pounds of concrete
  • 191 air-conditioning units
  • 1.83 million nails
  • 900 fixtures

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