‘Mr. GCU’ Plays to Full House on Cold Night

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By Brooke Bellah

Despite the cold weather, hundreds of students made the chilly walk from their dorms and apartments to pack the North Gym on Wednesday night for this year’s “Mr. GCU” competition.

The show, presented by ASGCU and organized by activities director Mallory Freeman, went off without a hitch, with several students saying that it was the best competition they had seen.

The crowd was kept entertained by the talents of the night’s MC, senior Chris Mellon, who told the audience he decided not to participate in the competition because “being a member of the cheer team and competing in pageants might send the wrong idea.”

The night’s theme was “Superheroes vs. Villains,” with each of the participants taking the role of his favorite superhero or villain. Costumes ranged from Thor (Matt Muchna) to Captain Planet (Chris Borowy) to Dr. Evil (Harley Gadomski) and the Green Goblin (Nate Corrigan).

The show opened with all 12 contestants performing a hilarious choreographed dance routine to the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe.” The crowd was able to participate in various games while the contestants changed backstage. Games were based off hit TV shows such as “Minute to Win It” and “Don’t Forget the Lyrics!”

The talent portion of the competition was perhaps the most entertaining. Matt Shuman taught a peculiar self-defense class for women, while Trent Bruns performed a dance to “The Yes Song.” Muchna (who won “Mr. Congeniality”) parodied the popular “Double Dream Hands” video while some audience members joined him in front of the stage.

Taylor Walker, a sophomore who attended last year’s event, said this year’s version was superior.

Johan Ivarsson, a member of the men’s swimming team, said he had a fun time. “It was great to see everyone up there giving it their all,” he said.

The last phase of the competition was an interview. The guys were asked difficult questions, such as: “If one synchronized swimmer drowns, do the others have to drown also?” To which Zach Tobey replied, “I’m all about being a team player. So, yes.”

Each contestant gave clever answers, but the best was from Borowy, a sophomore. He was asked whether opposites attract or if birds of a feather fly together. He explained that magnets, of course, are attracted to each other. But seagulls, doves and penguins do not fly together. “I think you need a more specific question,” he concluded.

Borowy was crowned this year’s Mr. GCU, which came as a shock to him but not to others. Bruns was first runner-up.

“I thought all the contestants were great,” Borowy said. “I was thankful to be a part of it, and I had a lot of fun.”

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