Mann and Kieser Win Student Election

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By Brooke Bellah

After weeks of planning and campaigning, the results are finally in. Seventy-two percent of voters re-elected Anthony Mann as ASGCU President.

Dozens of students crowded into the Hegel Hall lobby last night to hear the results of this year’s presidential election. There was an overwhelming sense of tension and anticipation in the room while they waited for John-Paul Reiger to announce the winner of the election.

“I think the students around us were more nervous than we were,” said Mann’s running mate and new ASGCU Vice President Ty Kieser.

Before the results were announced, the candidates were asked to share their thoughts about the election. Both parties expressed their gratitude to their supporters who spent time campaigning for them and hanging up posters. “The election couldn’t have been possible without you,” said Mann.

Finally, after much anticipation, the winner was announced. Those in attendance cheered after they heard the results. Most of the students seemed pleased.

“I was happy,” said freshman Jeanette Montenegro. “Anthony’s done a great job this year, and he’ll do another great job next year.”

Runners up Jose Razo and Samara Carlon, and their supporters expressed content with the decision and a desire to serve on campus regardless of the outcome. 

When asked how he felt about the results, Razo said, “It was God’s will. I’m still going to serve as a student leader, and serve the students on campus.”

Mann and Kieser are relieved and excited after the stress of the election was over.

 “I still have that nervous feeling,” said Mann, “But, I think it’s just excitement. I’m excited to work with Ty next year, and excited to serve the student body. We wouldn’t do this if we didn’t feel called.”

When asked what they were going to do next, Ty Kieser jokingly replied “Take a nap.”

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