ASGCU Candidates: Anthony Mann and Ty Kieser

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By Zane Ewton

Seasoned Grand Canyon University student leaders Anthony Mann and Ty Keiser are in the running for ASGCU President and Vice President.

Junior double major in History and Sociology, Mann is the current ASGCU President and served as intramural director last year. Sophomore Christian Students major Keiser is currently the intramural director. Both have student leadership experience going back to elementary school.

Experience is their calling card – Mann/Kieser: Experience & Integrity.

Mann and Keiser feel it is their calling to serve at GCU and they feel qualified to provide a good campus experience for students.

“We want to promote intentionally serving others through accountability and through promoting excellence in all aspects of University life,” says Mann.

Together, they developed a four-point plan they hope will provide an “eternal impact on campus.”

  • Encourage the student voice – “Students need to play a part in the representation of our school,” says Mann. “We want to tap into the student voice in a way that’s constructive and develop a partnership with University administration.”
  • Academic focus – “We want to advocate for a way to really become global citizens,” says Mann. “We want to be involved in the development of a study abroad program.”
  • Student unity and communication – “We want to encourage unity within a greater University community,” says Kieser. “We also want to connect and relate to students on a different level.”
  • Student preparation – “We want to establish leaders in our community and represent the school,” says Mann.

“We wouldn’t be running if we didn’t feel called to it and didn’t feel like we could succeed,” says Mann. “We love the people on this campus and want to see them excel here and in the world.”

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