2011 Graduates: Share Your Purpose

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Has attending GCU helped you to find your purpose or otherwise enhanced an aspect of your life?

Tell us about your journey in a five-minute speech to be delivered at graduation. Dr. Cheri St. Arnauld, our provost and chief academic officer, will choose a presenter to deliver the student address at the commencement ceremony at Chase Field on May 6.

Submit your speech to Lisa Reznick at [email protected] no later than Feb. 4.

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  1. Judith Strawderman

    When I returned to college in 2004 after being out of education since 1976, my choice of career changed when I attended my first Chemistry class. I had intended to pursue a career in nursing or as a paramedic, but found I loved teaching others. I received by Bachelor’s of Science in Secondary Education and wanted to pursue a Master’s. After some investigation, I found Grand Canyon University and the Educational Technology program. Since starting the program, It became clear that although teaching Chemistry and Mathematics was interesting, the opportunities in technology were limitless. I have gained insight in how technology can enhance my content areas and how the students can learn from the everyday technology the use. My students may know more about Facebook and Twitter, but they need guidance in how to use their tools for their educational benefit. GCU has allowed me to interact with instructors and my classmates in a way that encourages individuality and the opportunity to grow as a member of the learning community. I will leave here will the ability to instruct others using the knowledge gained from the faculty members that I came in contact with. GCU has inspired me to continue to increase my education by pursuing a Doctoral degree in Educational Technology and ESL.

    Jan.15.2011 at 8:18 am
  2. James Brekhus

    As a High School Graduate of 1988, it has been a long journey to reach this point of achievement. Growing up in a very large family 0f 16 and being the last of that herd, you can only imagine that resources were very limited. I am a firm believer in putting my trust in His hands and letting Him show me the way. He led me to join the Navy in 1990 where I recieved an abundance of classroom and hands on or life experience training world wide. When it was time for me to continue with my degree and move on from the military in August of 2001, I moved to Wilmington North Carolina and began my completing my degree process with the University of Phoenix Online campus. Because the field of radiology is growing and becoming more achedemically charged, I was lead to the Grand Canyon Universtiy after searching out a degree based on my background of training and education. Now nearing completion I look back and remember the struggles of online learning, our two children were born during this time, and haveing to juggle in work and community responsibilities. I truely couldn’t have done it without the support of my wife and family who loved and supported me every step of the way. I also send out a big thank you to all those who provide tech support for working so diligently when computer crisis occured and I was unable to get to class. The overall experience was rewarding and the educational gains are priceless. I feel I have grown as a person, father, and hopefully a leader in my field. I do not know if it is Gods plan to have me continue with my Masters, but if I do I hope the road brings me back to my GCU family. Thank you all for the wonderful experience.

    Jan.17.2011 at 9:26 am
  3. Deniece Selvin

    I am so glad that God led me to this University! I was able to learn in a christian setting but most of all I was able to learn about the role of Servant Leader with Christ used as the Ideal role model for servant leadership. This is something that I will utilize in my career.

    It took me 26 years years to get this Degree, but by the grace of God I got it! Never give up on your goals, regardless of what obstacles you encounter! Keep Christ as your Center and you will achieve them!

    Jan.18.2011 at 11:13 am
  4. Sheila Flowers

    After returning to college after so many years of not being able to go, I had the opportunity to complete my education without having to travel. I worked full-time as a teacher in high school an juggled the life of taking care of my family as well. I have enjoyed the experience even though at times it was hard and but I made it through. I kept on praying and believing and finally made it. I am as happy as a lark on a warm summer day. I put God first in whatever I do and take him with me wherever I go because then I know everything will be alright. Without the Lord by my side and letting him lead they way, I never would have made it. It took me a little longer than people who can go fulltime at once but the wait was well worth it. I know this had to be part of God’s plan for me so that his purpose for me will reveal itself full throttle. I am ready and willing. I feel that what God has for me, it is for “me”.

    Jan.25.2011 at 2:01 pm
  5. Fredrick McCormick

    After high school I said I did not want to attend any school for a long time if any not realizing how important it was to achieve a college degree. I knew I was going into the military so I thought that was going to be my ticket to my success. Well, even in the military getting a degree is a plus for promotion. It took me at the end of my career to buckle down and earn my degree. After many years of telling myself I can’t do it I thought I could not. But, after rededicating my life back to Christ and motivating myself I have earned my degree and I know it could have not gotten done except by the grace of God. I am honored to have attended GCU and I would recommend this university to many of my family, friends and co-workers.

    Jan.25.2011 at 5:46 pm
  6. William Haley

    I am a student in the Addictions Counseling Program and am about to enter my practicum at the Veterans Hospital located at Sheridan, Wyoming. First I have to thank Volunteers of American Montana/Wyoming for giving me a chance to be a Mentor at their LifeHouse facilty for the treatment of addictions for the male population. It was during this time that I enjoyed the interaction between clients and being a part of their recovery. So the decision to become a clincian came to fruition. Grand Canyon University was chosen because of the unique program and Christian mission. As an elder statesman entering school after a large time was seen as assest and very challenging. After serving in the United States Navy and served a Psychiatric Tecnician and Hospital Corpsman I strived to get a college education. That I did, but never really found my nich.
    After working in the field of Addictions and wanting a pupose with the aspect of helping others led me to the Addictions Program at Grand Canyon University. I want to thank all of those, too many to list for all the helping hands on accomplishing this goal.
    William B. Haley

    Jan.31.2011 at 12:29 pm
  7. Arlena Richardson

    “There is a time and a season for all things” Eccl. 3:1A. This has proven to be my season to finally reach a goal that has eluded me for over 35 years. GCU has been an awesome challenging experience. I am so grateful to be a part of a Christian University that attracts people of all faiths. My degree will be in Sociology. Our family has experienced unimaginable challenges relating to the mental health of our 12 year old son, he is currently in residential placement. My classes have been theraputic. What I have learned has helped me to be a more confident advocate for victims of social injustice in all areas. As a mother of 6 children, 4 at home 17 – 5 years, GCU gave me the opportunity to complete my degree with flexible scheduling. When I received the card to apply for graduation, tears filled my eyes because the focus, direction and support from my husband and children has made my dream a reality. My passion is to be a voice for those who are voiceless. To represent Christ as a professional and bring attention to a seemingly nameless, faceless child or situation. Thank God for GCU!!!!!!

    Jan.31.2011 at 10:45 pm
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