FYE Launches With ‘Foundations of Faith’ Seminar

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By Brooke Bellah
Communications Staff

All seniors in high school dream of the day when they can finally call themselves college freshmen. 

For many, college represents freedom, independence and a fresh start. But after the initial thrill of move-in day wears off, reality starts to set in. The freshman begins to realize that along with the newfound freedom comes responsibility.

That’s where FYE comes in.

FYE, or First Year Experience, is a class that has been added to GCU’s curriculum this year. In many ways, its purpose is the same as UNV 101 — to prepare students for life as a college student. However, the University has realized that UNV 101 fails to cover topics falling outside the realm of academics. 

“GCU launched FYE to fill the void that UNV 101 (University Success) leaves when dealing with community and personal issues such as time management and faith,” says Joe Brooks, the University’s director of community life.

The class meets once a month, discussing matters such ideas as community and becoming independent.  The course also includes two “main event” seminars, the first of which took place on Monday, Sept. 13. 

This first seminar, “Foundations of the Faith,” covered the basics of Christianity and what the school believes. The second seminar, set to take place in November, will teach freshman students how to organize and manage their finances.

Asked whether FYE someday will replace UNV 101, Brooks responded, “We do plan on entertaining the idea of the two being more cooperative, and if that means a one-stop shop, good. However, there is no indication right now that one will replace the other.”

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