Student Contact Center Becomes a Success

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A crew of students has turned the new GCU Student Contact Center into a blessing for campus job seekers as well as potential University students.

The center is earning rave reviews on campus. According to Mike Rasmussen, who is currently pulling double duty as an enrollment manager in the business division and as the interim Student Contact Center manager, all the credit goes to his team of students.

Student Contact Center workers contact potential students who have asked for more information about the University and its degree programs. Rasmussen says his team members often catch people on the phone before they have even left

The team calls to make sure potential students are directed to the counselor who will best meet their needs. This includes understanding if students need to be directed to military or tribal counselors, or simply to the correct degree program.

Rasmussen encourages his team to mention that they are students on campus. They are able to develop quick rapport with people and, according to Rasmussen, have done an outstanding job of making potential students feel a connection to campus.

Many of the Center employees are student-athletes, student leaders or commuter students. The Center’s hours provide the flexibility they need to meet the demands of their busy schedules.

The first week for a new employee includes training similar to what an enrollment counselor would experience. The training discusses GCU’s four pillars and the University’s databases and covers plenty of role-playing on the telephone. By the end of the week, each trainee is ready to hit the phones.

Summer work shifts are 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 1 to 7 p.m. When fall classes begin, the schedule will change to four-hour shifts. The goal is to be as flexible as possible for students taking advantage of this opportunity.

There currently are 29 Student Contact Center employees, nine more in training and more opportunities starting on June 21.

GCU’s Career Services has helped students looking for part-time work to connect with Rasmussen. The growth of the Student Contact Center will mean more jobs for GCU students, along with many other job opportunities. Learn more about this opportunity at this link. Visit Career Services in the Student Union or Click here for the Career Services Fan Page on Facebook for job listings, job-search resources and more.

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