Career Services: 10 Tips for a Successful Interview

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  • Review your resume. Revisit your resume from the point of view of the interviewer. Anticipate the company’s needs and why they are interested in you.
  • Get back online. Visit the company website again and start taking notes. Gather as much information as you can, including corporate officers, the latest press releases and the company’s annual report.
  • Study, then study some more. Knowledge about the company and the job will make you more confident in your attitude and your answers.
  • Rehearse your interview. Prepare for the typical questions you may be asked. Write down some of your most insightful thoughts regarding the state of your industry and profession. Be prepared to describe past positions, responsibilities and accomplishments.
  • Develop a list of questions. Your first question should not be, “how much do I get paid?” Ask questions that show you understand the job and the company’s needs. Be quick to notice the interviewer’s comments and follow up by asking relevant questions.
  • Dress for success. An interview is a performance with people playing different roles. Your role is successful job prospect. Play the part. Whether you are female or male, the conservative business suit is the recommended attire for any interview.
  • Get cut or coiffed. Looks matter. There will be plenty of time to show your talent once you land the job. For now, look like a success.
  • Practice positive visualization. In the days leading up to the interview, picture yourself sitting opposite the hiring manager. Picture yourself relaxed, comfortable and at the top of your game. Play that clip over and over in your mind until it becomes so familiar, it actually becomes a part of your self-image.
  • Gather your materials. The day before the interview, gather your materials and place them in a briefcase or attaché. Bring extra copies of your resume and additional requested documents. Bring a pad and pencil to take notes.
  • Sleep. The night before the interview, go to bed early. Relax. Set the alarm and sleep comfortably in the knowledge that you’re as prepared as you’ll ever be.



Need help updating your resume or preparing for a job interview? The Career Services Center is available to help all alumni with their career needs. The Center is located on campus in the Student Union, and is available at 602-639-6606 or [email protected]

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